A trusted CERRT.ng providing a networking, collaboration and sharing platform to ensure a secure Cyber Space.

Functions and Roles

  • Provide support in responding to cyber security incidents
  • Foster Development of Sectorial CERTs
  • Ensure standardization of IT security business processes within MDA
  • Inform its constituency member of latest security threats and suggest counter measures.
  • Encourage Government and Private sector joint venture collaboration in IT security development.
  • To enhance national Security and law enforcement using ICT
  • To develop human capital with emphasis on IT security.

CERRT.ng’s constituency shall be the entire cyber Communities for Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA’s)

CERRT.ng will establish a secured communication channel with its constituency to receive intrusion attempts reports, virus incidents and other cyber security related challenges from selected staff of each MDA.

CERRT.ng will send security alerts, training schedules, conference notifications to its constituency members via secured communication channels.